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iesy RPX30 OSM-SF

On this page you will find software and hardware information about our OSM module iesy RPX30 OSM-SF.

OSM specification of the SGeT

The current specification of the Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies (SGeT) is available at:



Current source codes and documentation are available in connection with the Eval-Kit iesy RPX30 EVA-MI.
The following link takes you to the corresponding repository of the Eval-Kit - iesy RPX30 EVA-MI.



This storage structure of our hardware repository (file server) is primarily aimed for hardware developers. 

> Hardware Documentation

Clicking the links below will take you directly to the relevant documents. In some cases, it is necessary to confirm the underlying license information.

Mechanical Drawing

Here you can find relevant information about dimensions and positions of the OSM module.


The engineering data of the Eval kit are stored in step format (zip archive).

Assembly Drawing*

The assembly drawing is an indispensable document that shows information about the location and polarity of individual components, among other things. You will find the assembly drawing in PDF format.


In the saved Excel document you will find the necessary information about the pin assignment.

Schematic Files*

Schematic files are used for graphical representation of functions. The electronics and the various components are also identified in the schematic. On the files provided, you can see in detail how the functional interfaces have been implemented.

*You will receive this information by confirming the license notice and after internal approval. 

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